Building Castor Taglib

Getting The Source

Before you begin, you'll need to check out the castor-taglib CVS repository. To find out how to retrieve the code from the repository go here .

Build Tool

At the moment, the project only uses Maven* for documentation and website maintenance. Ant is still used for the majority of tasks. For instructions on downloading and using the Ant tool, go here .

Before building the project, you will need to download the dependencies. For a list of dependencies, check this page here .

Building The Database

To build the database, first create a blank database and a user with all permissions for that database. Next, edit the database target in the build.xml file to match your system (correct JDBC, driver, url, user, database and password). Once this is correct, type

build database

The database.sql file executed by this command is compatible with Postgres 7.3. You may need to change the SQL to make it work with your database.

Building The Taglib And Examples

To build the taglib and example application, type.

build all

Note that you will need to change build.xml, etc/castor/database.xml, etc/castor/mapping.xml, etc/tyrex.domain.xml, etc/tomcat/server.xml and etc/tomcat/web.xml to match your system. Please see the section relevent to your target servlet container.

*Please refer to the Maven Getting Started document for instructions on how to build the project using Maven.